These T&C’s refer to an annual paid up front or direct debit members as “members” and pay and play non-members as “non-members” when it relates to both the term used is “Customers” or “Users”.

Booking & Access

The following terms and conditions apply to all users of the centre.

Use of the centre and facilities managed by the centre

1. To use the gym, group exercise class, swimming pool, courts, rooms, soft play users or any other facility or service must have pre booked and paid online in advance

2. All users of the centre must have their photograph taken to access the centre. Or provide photo-graphic ID such as a driver’s licence or passport on every visit to the centre

3. Turnstiles must be used for every visit using your membership or rewards card. The gate on the turnstiles is only to be used for wheelchair, push chair or limited mobility access. In centres where there are not turnstiles users must approach reception to have their card swiped

4. Where Lampton360 operate outside pitches and areas a member of staff will check payment has been made before entry is permitted

5. An adult is someone deemed 16 years and above

6. In instances of national emergency or local lockdowns Lampton360 has the right to close centres without notice and/or limit usage to other Fusion Lifestyle run centres in areas outside of the local lockdown.

People unable to book online

We appreciate that some of our members may not be able to book digitally or online. In such cases these members can call the centre on the centres telephone number and we will take bookings and payments over the phone.

Personal details

1. Customers must supply their email address, mobile phone number and address before their join or use the centre.

2. Lampton360 will not pass details onto third parties.

3. Any monthly direct debit membership must be cancelled via the website as per the terms and conditions of cancelling. To do this member must have an online account.

4. It is a customer’s responsibility to update their personal details with Lampton360 should they change. Lampton360 will update customers by email, social media and website.

Bookings & Court Hire

1. All visits/sessions must be pre-booked and paid for online or via the Lampton360 app or website. This can be done up to 7 days before for members and 6 days before for non members. You’ll just need to bring your membership or rewards card and can then go straight to your session. If you are a first time booker you can pick your card up on your first visit.

Paying for bookings

1. Non-members must pay for their chosen activity at the time of booking or the booking will auto-matically be cancelled. Not all memberships include unlimited use of classes or courts. Please con-tact your centre for confirmation of membership entitlement or see the memberships section below.

2. All booked sessions are non-refundable or transferable so please ensure you can make the time slot you have booked before confirming your booking.

Booking Times

1. The booking time covers the period of use including up to 5 minutes setting up and up to 5 minutes clearing away of facilities relating to any booking to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the facilities there may be restrictions on the number of bookings each person is permitted to make for each day. Please see the relevant centre home site for any restrictions that may apply.

Conditions of Use

1. All hires and bookings are made subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use that may apply from time to time. These are available from reception and displayed at the Leisure Centre´s, and are is-sued with any membership.

2. If members rights are abused the membership may be terminated without notice. Membership is non-refundable

3. Choice membership includes a 2 hours in a week court hire per adult at no additional cost

4. Non-members pay the guest fee.6 Guests cannot enter the centre without the member

5. Members cannot bring in non-members.

Cancellation  and non attendance of bookings

1. A no show fee of the full price of the class will be applied to the members account if the class is not cancelled within 24 hours. However, if another customer does take that booking there will be no fee to the customer that cancelled their booking.

2. Members whose bookings are part of their membership and who fail to attend for a confirmed booking will be expected to pay the standard facility rate.


1. Pools will initially be open for adult lane swimming, utilising ‘double’ lanes. Swimmers will need to assess which lane (slow, medium, fast) is most appropriate to their ability, based on users already in the pool. Overtaking will not be permitted and swimmers will need to be respectful of other user’s personal space when swimming.


1. Clean down your kit before and after use

2. Place any blue roll/tissue straight in the bin after use

3. Use the hand sanitiser provided before entry to the gym

4. The water fountains will be out of use so please bring your own bottle of water to stay hydrated during your class workout

5. Bring your own sweat towel (please do not use this to wipe down kit, use the tissue and sanitiser provided)

6. Please ensure you arrive on time for your gym session to avoid congestion at reception. If your gym session starts at 10am please arrive at 10am

7. Please arrive changed and ready to workout


1. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of your class

2. Use hand sanitiser before you enter the studio

3. Ensure you wipe your kit down before and after use using the sanitiser spray provided

4. Maintain social distancing throughout the class

5. Please don’t congregate outside of the studio before or after the class

6. Arrive changed and ready to workout out

7. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the class

8. Where come classes maybe in our sports halls it maybe cooler than some studios so please bring a jumper to stay warm before and after the class

9. Bring your own sweat towel (please do not use this to wipe any equipment use the tissue and sanitiser provided


Lampton360 sells the following memberships only as of July 2020:

Anytime – Gym & Swim – Family


1. The Anytime membership allows access to the gym, swimming pool, 3 group exercise classes per week, & health suite where applicable. Extra bolt on classes can be purchased. This member-ship does not allow court bookings which would be chargeable at an extra cost.

2. Guests must pay a guest fee. Guests cannot enter the centre without the member

3. This membership allows 8 day advanced booking rights and online booking.

4. A membership card will be issued which must be used to enter the centre on every visit.

5. Members must have their photo taken for their membership file or provide photographic ID on every visit.

6. Cancellation within 24 hours of any booking will lead to a late cancelation fee unless the space is filled by another customer and a no-show will be charged if a member does not attend a booking.

7. The Anytime membership offers cross usage to other centres in the same borough operated by Lampton360

8. The customer must be over the age of 16 years of age to hold a Direct Debit or annual member-ship.

9. A joint membership may be added to this membership which would allow two adults the same privileges as above.

10. The promoter is Lampton360

Gym & Swim

1. The Gym & Swim membership allows access to the gym, swimming pool only. Extra bolt on clas-ses can be purchased. This membership does not allow court bookings which would be chargeable at an extra cost.

2. Guests must pay a guest fee. Guests cannot enter the centre without the member.

3. This membership allows 8 day advanced booking rights and online booking.

4. A membership card will be issued which must be used to enter the centre on every visit.

5. Members must have their photo taken for their membership file or provide photographic ID on every visit.

6. Cancellation within 24 hours of any booking will lead to a late cancelation fee unless the space is filled by another customer and a no-show will be charged if a member does not attend a booking.

7. The Gym and Swim membership can only be used in the centre it was purchased in.

8. The customer must be over the age of 16 years of age to hold a Direct Debit or annual member-ship.

9. A joint membership may be added to this membership which would allow two adults the same privileges as above.

10. The promoter is Lampton360

Family  (Family 2+2 and family flex 1+3)

1. The Family membership allows unlimited access for 2 adults to the gym, swimming pool, group exercise classes, health suite.

2. Courts can be hired for two hours per week, per adult (table tennis, badminton, tennis, squash)

3. Guests must pay a guest fee. Guests cannot enter the centre without the member.

4. This membership allows 7 day advanced booking rights and online booking.

5. A membership card will be issued which must be used to enter the centre on every visit.

6. Members must have their photo taken for their membership file or provide photographic ID on every visit.

7. Cancellation within 24 hours of any booking will lead to a late cancelation fee unless the space is filled by another customer and a no-show will be charged if a member does not attend a booking.

8. The Gym and Swim membership can only be used in the centre it was purchased in.

9. The Family membership includes 1 x swim school place per child per week.

10. Unlimited casual swimming for the children.

11. Unlimited access to all kids’ classes on our group exercise programme.

12. The birthday child gets a free place with a birthday party booking. Food not included.

13. Children on the membership must be 14 and under.

14. The promoter is Lampton360

Junior Membership

1. Members MUST be between the ages of 8 years and 15 years of age to join. Proof of eligibility may be required

2. Members who wish to use the gym facilities MUST be between the ages of 11 years and 15 years ONLY

3. Under NO circumstances will children 8 years to 10 years of age be allowed access to the gym facilities

4. Members between the ages of 11 years and 15 years using the gym facilities MUST complete a pre-booked gym induction prior to their first visit to the gym. Consent from a legal guardian is re-quired and the joining process must be completed by a legal guardian

5. If children under the age of 11 years are using any of the facilities within the membership a parent MUST remain on site

6. Proof of the child´s date of birth will be required upon joining

7. Some activities and facilities may be age restricted. Age restrictions and activities vary from cen-tre to centre. Normal centre, pool rules, membership and all other general terms and conditions ap-ply

8. Membership provides inclusive access to swimming, relevant gym sessions, 15:30-16:45 and 16:45-18:00 weekdays and 10:00-12:00 and 12:00-14:00 weekends (age restricted), group exercise classes and sport sessions for specific ages, one off peak racquet sport activity per week and all holiday activities (age limits may be in place)

9. Up to 6 days advanced telephone booking or on-line booking

10. A health questionnaire MUST be completed prior to undertaking exercise and signed on behalf of the child by a parent or guardian

11. All Instructors hold a current enhanced CRB or DBS, under child protection guidelines.

Freeze or cancelling your membership

1. To amend your membership, please visit the contact us page on the centre website, select “Up-grade Or Amend My Membership” in the drop-down of “Enquiry Type” and put in as much infor-mation as possible about your request within the free text space.

2. To freeze your membership, please visit the contact us page on the centre website, click “Give Notice of Membership Freeze” option, complete the freeze request form and submit it successfully. Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation.

2.1. The maximum freeze period per year is 3 months in total (that could be consecutively or spo-radically) at the cost of £10 per month.

2.2. Freezes must be a full month (1st-31st or 15th-14th) to coincide with the Direct Debit. We do not offer mid-month freezes.


3. To cancel your membership you must select the “Give Notice of Cancellation” option on the contact us page, complete the cancellation form and submit it successfully. Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation. 

4. All freezes, cancellations & amendment must be given with one clear calendar months’ notice and via the correct channels. 

Annual memberships

1. Annual memberships share the same terms and conditions as the relevant monthly direct debit membership.

2. Exclusions to this are cancelation period. There is not one with annual memberships.

3. Annual memberships receive a discount when joining or renewing meaning they are non-refundable and non transferable.

4. Any annual members effected by COVID-19 will have their renewal date extended by the time the centre was closed.

Swim School – Swimming Lessons Teaching Policies, Procedures and Parental Responsibilities

1. Swimming Teachers will take responsibility for pupils during their swimming lessons, but and par-ents /guardians are required to remain nearby (poolside viewing or designated viewing gallery) so that if required the parent / guardian can deal with toilet breaks or any behavioural issues. Fusion staff will NOT take pupils to the toilet.

2. Parents/guardians must remain on the premises whilst the pupil is attending their swimming les-sons. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation. Pupils must be collected promptly at the end of the lesson.

3. Parents/guardians must never distract the teacher during a lesson and should direct all communi-cation through the reception staff or the Head Teacher (if available). Parents/guardians should not to speak with a teacher during the period that lessons are in progress as it is dangerous and will dis-tract the teacher from the supervision of the pupils in their lesson.

4. Pupils can be refused entry to the lesson if they are more than 5 minutes late for a class, as it disrupts the lesson for the other pupils.

5. A coloured swimming hat will be issued when joining swim school (stages 1-10) and new hats will be issued when transferring to the next teaching stage. Lost or broken hats can be replaced by purchasing a new hat from reception.

Pupil Illness 

1. If your child is unwell, we recommend that you do not bring them to their swimming lesson

2. If your child has been ill with diarrhoea they should not attend their lesson. To protect others, they should not swim for at least a wee.

3. Swimming Lesson Programme

4. The majority of our ‘learn to swim’ programme classes are held over a 30 minute time slot (some advanced and adult classes might be 45 minutes to 1 hour) which includes time to take registers.

5. Pupil to Teacher ratios developed in line with Swim England Guidelines.

6. Lampton360 reserves the right to combine classes as short notice if necessary.

7. Swimming Lesson Dress Code & Hygiene

8. All children should wear appropriate fitting costumes/trunks and shorts specifically designed for swimming. Baggy costumes/trunks can hamper movement.

9. No jewellery should be worn during a swimming lesson. Religious or medical bracelets are al-lowed but should not distract the swimmer from their lesson.

10. The use of goggles is permitted but pupils will be asked to remove them if they providing a dis-traction and when performing certain skills (unless there is a medical reason for goggles to be worn). We recommend the use of dioptre corrective goggles for anyone with a visual impairment.

Pupil Progression 

1. All pupils on the ‘learn to swim’ programme work towards the “Swim England Learn to Swim Framework.

2. Swimming Teachers continually assess all pupils’ progression throughout the term.

3. Progression of all pupils will be at the judgment of the swimming teacher and in accordance with the progression within the criteria of the “Swim England Learn to Swim Framework”

4. Pupils will be moved up to the next class when they meet the skills criteria required and if there is adequate room in the next Stage for movement to the next Stage.

5. Upon completion of a Stage, the parent / guardian will be contacted explaining that the child is ready to move up to the next Stage.

6. Due to the continuous progressive nature of our programme, and the variety of ability levels within each session, we cannot guarantee a specific time slot on progression, as a space within the next stage may not always be immediately available.

Swimming Lesson Payment 

1. All fees for swimming lessons must be paid in advance of the lessons.

2. Direct Debit payments are taken on the agreed payment date each month, as outlined in your joining information

3. New joiners, taking the Direct Debit option will pay a pro-rata payment for any lessons which take place prior to the first Direct Debit being taken.

4. We reserve the right to apply an activation fee where appropriate.

5. To amend your membership, please visit the contact us page on the centre website, select “Up-grade Or Amend My Membership”, complete the relevant fields and submit. All and cancellations must be given with one clear calendar months’ notice, via the contact us page on the centre website. Click ‘Give Notice Of Cancellation’, complete the cancellation form and submit. A member of our administration team will then be in touch to complete the process of cancellation.

6. Failure to provide the full notice period to cancel your swim school when on Direct Debit may re-sult in Lampton360 taking recovery action for the outstanding payment.

7. Lampton Leisure reserves the right to change the price of swimming lessons at any time. Direct Debit customers will be notified in writing with at least 10 working days’ notice of any change.

8. For any failed Direct Debits, Lampton Leisure reserves the right to restrict access to the lessons until a suitable payment has been made for the missed Direct Debit Payment. Under these circumstances Lampton360 will not guarantee the same space on the existing lesson.

9. Direct Debit payments include one lesson per week at the agreed Stage of lessons for the month-ly Direct Debit subscription, and for junior lessons (under 16 years) access to General Swimming sessions (subject to pool capacity).

10. The monthly Direct Debit subscription remains the same for each calendar month, regardless of the number of lessons that are delivered during the month. I.e. some months there will be five les-sons, while most months there will be four. During December there will two or three lessons depending on the cycle of the year. Over a 12 month period, with 12 equal Direct Debit payments a total of 50 swimming lessons will be available to attend*. (* unless a lesson has been cancelled – please see section (H) below. Where payment is not made by Direct Debit, all lessons must be paid in advance and pupils will be removed from classes once advance payment has expired.

 Changing and Moving Lesson 

1. You may request a change of time, day or Swimming Teacher and we will try to accommodate your request, provided a space is

2. Swimming ability and speed of progression will vary depending upon the swimmer.

3. Pool Closure and Cancelled Swimming Lessons

4. In the event of a pool closure we will make every attempt to contact our customers as soon as possible.

5. Customers paying for swimming lessons will be provided with a catch-up lesson to replace the missed session.

6. In the event of a planned pool closure you be offered an alternative class to accommodate your lesson.

7. Lampton360 reserves the right to cancel classes should numbers fall below our minimum num-bers per group (50% of class capacity). If this happens you will be offered an alternative lesson of the same level.

8. If a pool closure is likely to affect swimming lessons on the long term, every effort will be made to offer space at another pool within the area.

Missed Lessons

1. Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or decided to withdraw from the programme altogether.

2. Lessons run consecutively, the lesson credits will be utilised as each lesson takes place regard-less of pupil attendance (with the exception of pool closure/lesson cancellation).

3. In exceptional circumstances management may exercise discretion on refunds or credit notes but this would only be on production of a medical certificate or documentation from a medical centre, hospital or GP.

Changing Teacher

1. We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the same instructor for each lesson within a course. However, relief instructors may be used without prior notification.

2. We reserve the right to appoint a new teacher at any time and may, at times need to provide an alternative teacher for a class or classes due to illness or for any other unforeseen circumstances.

3. In the event a teacher is away for a long period of time we will try to keep the same cover teacher for the time period where possible.

4. If a teacher is absent, the centre reserves the right to join classes together if considered appro-priate and safe according to Swim England guidelines. We would always try to put a replacement teacher in place immediately however, if this is not manageable we would put the classes together in order to avoid the cancellation. This would be an extremely rare occurrence as additional teachers are usually available to cover any such eventualities.


1. The duty management team will be the people to resolve any poolside issues. Any problems or issues should be conveyed through them.

2. Questions regarding the progression of pupils should be directed towards the reception staff that will be able to pass on the message to the relevant member of staff, who will then contact you to discuss the pupil. Please ask to fill in a swim school enquiry card.

3. All parents/guardians are required to supply us with a valid e-mail address for quick communication purposes. This is essential so that we can inform you when your child is ready to move up a Stage of lessons.


1. Parents/guardians are not permitted on poolside but must sit in the pool viewing areas. Where pool viewing is on poolside, parents must not interfere with the lessons or distract the swimming teachers.

2. We do ask that all spectators remain in the seating area in order to prevent any unnecessary dis-tractions for the teachers and make every effort to ensure that all footwear is clean, wearing shoe covers when provided.

3. It is difficult for the teaching staff to gain full attention from their pupils if they are being distracted; progress can be affected if children are not fully able to concentrate.

4. No photography or filming is permitted on poolside or in the changing area without the prior approval from the Centre Management.

Behaviour & conduct

1. Parents accept that their child is under the supervision, control and care of the Swimming Teach-er, during the lesson period. Should the behaviour of the child be unsatisfactory and the class is be-ing disrupted, the Swimming Teacher has the right to remove the pupil from the class.

2. The teacher may employ reasonable measures as are necessary to maintain the smooth delivery of the class. We reserve the right to request that your child should be removed from classes should they persistently disrupt or are seen to be putting themselves or anyone else at risk during the class. If a child is removed under these circumstances and suitable alternatives arrangements cannot be made, no refund will be provided.

Birthday parties

1. Birthday Parties are available for children between 2 and 16 years of age.

2. All bookings MUST be paid in full at the time of booking.

3. Cancellation notice: a) More than 28 days’ notice – The party may be transferred to another day. A fee of £10 will be charged for this change. b) Notice less than 28 days – The party will only be transferred without loss if the original booked date can be re-booked for another hire.

4. For Pool Parties a lifeguard will be available for up to 20 children. If more than 20 children attend a surcharge of £15 will be made for the additional lifeguard.

5. Lifeguards are not permitted to enter the water to organise activities. If a party organiser is re-quired in addition to the lifeguards you should discuss with the leisure centre and a charge for this will be made.

6. Food is provided at selected centres. Please confirm your requirements when booking. At other centres we ask you to bring your own party food (including a cake), drinks and decorations. Some centres do not have facilities for food.

7. If you wish to take photographs or use video equipment during your party you must obtain per-mission from the Duty Manager and our disclaimer must be completed and signed in advance of the party.

8. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your party to meet your party host.

9. 2 adults over the age of 18 are required to remain present throughout the party. More supervising adults may be required for Big Day Swim Parties for children under 8. Please check with the centre and confirm this when booking.

10. Our swimming admission policy applies at all times. Please ask a member of staff for details.

11. Socks must be worn for Big Day Bounce and Soft Play Parties.

12. Suitable non-marking trainers and comfortable clothing should be worn for Big Day Sports Par-ties.

Rewards cards

1. The completion of a rewards card membership (hereafter referred to as ‘the Rewards pro-gramme’) on our membership system constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. These terms and conditions (including our Privacy Policy

3. The Rewards programme must be used for: – Any customer using the facilities on a casual (pay as you go) basis as desired

4. Any members holding a centre membership card that gives discounted rates on single session usage.

5. Monthly Direct Debit members and Annual members are currently unable to collect rewards points on their membership payments or any additional spend.

6. We will set up a Rewards account to record points earned or redeemed by each Rewards mem-ber. Points are earned every time payment is made, but only on the production of a valid Rewards card at the point of payment.

7. Points collected may be used as payment on any Fusion Lifestyle annual or direct debit member-ship only. To redeem Points, the Rewards member must use their membership number online at time of booking or payment. From time to time Lampton360 may offer promotions subject to addi-tional terms and conditions which will apply in addition to these terms and conditions. This may in-clude offering Rewards members alternative products and services or adjusting redemption values.

8. All Rewards members must have a resident UK, Channel Island or Isle of Man address. We must be notified of any changes of address.

9. Rewards members must be 16 years of age or over.

10. Points have no expiry date but will be lost if a Rewards account is closed or the Rewards pro-gramme is superseded or ends. In the unlikely event of the latter, we will provide a minimum of 14 days notice to Rewards members at which point all Rewards accounts will be suspended or termi-nated. If we sell or transfer the Rewards to another company, we may transfer all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions without any further consent and may disclose or trans-fer all information we hold about Rewards members to a prospective or actual new owner. Such a disclosure or transfer will not alter the rights of Rewards members in respect of the use that can be made of such information by such other company.

11. Points are personal to a Rewards account (registered to a sole member) and cannot be trans-ferred.

12. Points can only be earned, held, or redeemed as set out in these terms and conditions. Points from more than one Rewards account cannot be combined for redemption of the same Reward. Points are not exchangeable for cash, merchandise or any alternative beyond the Reward available by facility listed on the website.

13. Rewards scheme is only for personal and consumer use and cannot be used for any transaction where the beneficiary is a business or the owner of a business to benefit the business.

14. Our Privacy Policy (which is part of these terms and conditions)

15. Rewards Card is the property of Lampton360 and must be returned to us on request or de-stroyed when no longer valid for use. The Rewards member is responsible for the security of their Rewards card. We cannot be responsible for any unauthorised use of points or any lost or stolen cards or associated promotional vouchers.

16. We may close a Rewards account and in doing so will provide a minimum of 14 days notice to the Rewards member. We also reserve the right to contact a Rewards member to immediately sus-pend or terminate the Account and associated rights of the Rewards member if they are found to be in breach of these terms and conditions, if we reasonably believe that they have dealt with Points in a manner not permitted by these terms and conditions, if there is any theft from or misconduct in connection with us, if they supply false or misleading information to us, if they do not comply with the terms and conditions of use of the leisure facilities listed overleaf, or if they are abusive or offensive to any member of our staff. A Rewards member can close his/her Rewards account by providing us with a minimum of 14 days notice, in writing to: Lampton360

17. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and will give the Rewards member a minimum of 14 days notice should we chose to do so. Earning or redeeming points on an Rewards account will constitute acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

18. In the event of any dispute, the leisure facility’s General Manager’s decision is final.

19. Our only responsibilities with respect to Rewards are set out in these terms and conditions which are subject to English law. We will only be liable to a Rewards member who suffers loss as a result of our breach of these terms and conditions and, if so, our sole liability will be to credit to the relevant Rewards account any points which have been wrongly deducted or should have been credited but were not. These terms and conditions shall not exclude or limit our liability for death or personal inju-ry caused by our negligence. These terms and conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or in-consistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.19. The promoter of Sport & Leisure Rewards is: Lampton360

Cashless top up card account 

1. A cashless account is an account held that you or we have credited an amount of money to.

2. This credit once purchased or provided can be used to purchase either pre-paid activities and bookings or immediate bookings.

3. Once a credit has been added to your cashless account, either by you or Lampton360, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

4. Should you have debt on any other account held with Lampton360 then any credit balance can be transferred from your cashless account to the debt account without authorisation from you to either clear or part clear this debt account.

5. Credit on the cashless account will be valid for 2 years, after 2 years any credit on the cashless account will be removed and cannot be reinstated or refunded.

6. No interest is paid for any account that is in credit with Lampton360.

Company Info

Lampton Leisure is a not-for-profit organisation which has been set up specifically to manage the borough’s leisure centres.

T: 020 8583 2900

Company number: 12923138

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