It is a good idea to keep active during Ramadan, however, it can be challenging with a fasting period between sunrise and sunset. It may be difficult to balance making sure you are able to fuel your body with nutritious, energy-rich foods when you are able to eat, whilst maintaining your physical activity or exercise routine. 

 It is advisable to continue your normal exercise or training programme and avoid starting any new exercise or sports during Ramadan. 

 Consider moving your more high-intensity exercise that you usually perform nearer to iftar (breaking of fast time) if you can.

 You may want to take it a little easier during this time as you may have reduced energy levels and these suggestions may help you.

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Top 5 Tips for Staying Active During Ramadan: 

  1. Keep the intensity and duration lower than usual.
  2. Plan your workouts carefully and avoid overdoing them.
  3. Aim to maintain your current activity levels (or even reduce your activity levels slightly for a few weeks.
  4. Be gentle with yourself – it’s okay to lower the intensity of your exercises and stop if you are tired.
  5. It is okay to rest and not work out if you are not feeling like exercising.


Top 5 Tips for Nutrition:

  1. Aim for good nutritional and hydrational strategies as any losses in the day can be corrected in the evening after iftar.
  2. Aim to fuel your body with nutritious, energy-rich foods when you can eat.
  3. Aim to stay hydrated between suhoor and iftar during the non-fasting time.
  4. Avoid foods that have a high salt content as this will make you feel thirstier.
  5. Avoid excess caffeine as this can also make you feel dehydrated.

Enjoy trying out these tips. Ask a fitness instructor if you need any additional assistance or exercise recommendations.

If you have a health condition speak with your doctor for advice on whether it is safe to fast or take part in physical activity during Ramadan

We wish you all the best!

From The Lampton Leisure Team