35-year-old James was generally healthy whilst at school. He played lots of rugby and rowed regularly. This all changed when James started work in a desk job. His activity stopped but his appetite stayed the same and he started to put on weight.

After some attempts at healthy eating, James found low-fat diets left him feeling hungry and miserable all the time. James then discovered the keto diet which he finds satisfying and tasty. At the same time his GP referred him to the Lampton Leisure and One You Hounslow Exercise on Referral programme at Isleworth Leisure Centre and Library.

James began hour-long one-to-one sessions with PT Soranny. James initially had his doubts about how much he would enjoy the exercise and stick to it but, being guided by Soranny, he quickly saw improvements. James’s sleep improved and his aches and pains reduced.

Soranny challenged James to do things he didn’t think he could do such as taking on the Stairclimber! She is always challenging him to push to do more and has made him realise he can do things he didn’t think he could. James’s fitness quickly started to build up and he realised he had made significant progress. Soranny also provided stretches that have improved James’s ongoing back problems too.

Soranny recommended other classes to James that he began to try too. He now regularly attends Boxercise and attended a weekly weight loss group meeting and exercise session. The camaraderie of meeting very different people from all backgrounds from across Hounslow was inspiring. Getting to know the other participants encouraged James to keep going to the classes too, if he ever had to miss a session, he felt he missed out on catching up with the other attendees too.

James gets a sense of buoyancy from being with other people in group exercise classes and is really motivated to keep going. He now attends classes at two of his local Lampton Leisure centres to match the group exercise timetables with his needs.

Through a combination of his dietary changes and exercise, James has now lost over 10kg. He feels a lot healthier and fitter and finds himself making healthy choices every day – for example, he often jumps on his bike instead of getting in the car now. James is really motivated to keep going and build on his success so far. James is 6’ 2” and started the year at 144kg and is now 129kg.

James thinks that Lampton Leisure gyms and facilities offer great value for money and really meet his needs.