When will the leisure centres be reopening?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reopen when the Government guidelines are lifted.

Based on the Government’s latest national measures and maintenance works required to make our leisure centres safe and COVID-secure to reopen, we have been working very hard to get the leisure centres ready, but still have more maintenance to do. Each leisure centre is likely to have a slightly different time-frame for reopening based on what it offers.

We will implement a phased approach to reopening the leisure centres and the activities and facilities they offer and will keep you as up-to-date as possible here and through our newsletter which you can sign up to by emailing

How will you decide which centres re-open and when?

We will reopen all centres in stages following a phased approach as soon as we can. We have carried out condition surveys on each leisure centre, which show various maintenance and improvement works are required to get them to the level we want them to be before we reopen them. We will reopen each centre once they are at the level of improvement that we know our residents and members expect, and also to ensure we meet the COVID-secure guidelines set by the Government.

Who should I contact for further information?

Please email if you have questions not answered here.

What will happen to the staff at the leisure centres?

All the staff who look after the six leisure centres in Hounslow have been transferred to Lampton Leisure through a Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006.

Will leisure centres be open on 2 December 2020?

We will not be reopening any of our centres on the 3 December itself. However, we hope to open some of the services shortly after that date, with other services to follow throughout December and the new year.

Why will leisure centres not open on 2 December?

We need to carry out a programme of maintenance and improvement works at each site. They have been closed for many months, and there is work required to get them to the standard we would be happy with. Further improvements will continue after this date.


What is being done to mitigate the impact of closures?

We have developed a plan to make sure we can keep our customers informed of the re-opening plans and the rationale behind what opens when. We have been engaging directly with clubs and users to discuss and agree on plans together. We have also worked with neighbouring boroughs, providers and non-government bodies for sports clubs to find solutions and minimise impact.

What is going to happen to my membership fees?

Membership fees due to be paid from 1 November or later will be paid directly to Lampton Leisure, but they will not be taken until the centres reopen. We will notify you by email when this is likely to be. To make sure you are signed up for this email notification, please contact us at

If payments have been made whilst the leisure centres have been closed to Fusion Lifestyle, please contact Fusion Lifestyle directly to reclaim your fees.

How will the new service provision be assured?

Each year, Lampton Group put forward a business plan for each part of its business outlining their priorities over the next year. This is presented to and agreed by Cabinet. Performance on our trading companies is reported to Cabinet on a quarterly basis and their performance against key performance indictors and their financial position is outlined.

Lampton Group Ltd, as a wholly owned company within the public sector, may be subject to FOI in much the same way as the council, with policy established directly by the council.

If Fusion Lifestyle is no longer responsible for the leisure centres, who do I contact? Who will have my data? Who will I be paying for my membership?

Membership data will be transferred to Lampton Leisure from Fusion Lifestyle and this will take place as soon as possible so that Lampton Leisure can start liaising with you directly. Once the transfer has taken place you will be paying Lampton Leisure for your membership – but not until the centres reopen. If you have a specific question about your membership, please email us at with your details.

What will the offer be?

We will be able to confirm details of the offer in due course and will keep our website updated with the latest information. We will also write to you with any news that may be of interest via email. If you are a current member of the leisure centres, but have not received any notification from us, please make sure we have your details so that we can add you to our database. If you are a hirer and have not heard from us, please let us know. Send your details including your membership number and leisure centre you are a member/user of to

I’m a member of one of Hounslow’s leisure centres. When will I be able to start using it again?

Your membership was transferred to Lampton Leisure from 1 November, and you will be advised when the leisure centres are reopening so that you can start using them again.

If your membership is currently frozen because of the pandemic, then we will let you know when this will change. If you have a specific question about your membership, please email with your question and your full membership details, including your membership number, and we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can.

When they reopen will it be the full offer – gym, swimming, sports halls, changing rooms etc?

We will provide regular updates on what the offer will be for the leisure centres. However, there will be a phased approach to reopening the centres and their facilities. We will also need to make sure that each area that reopens does so in a way that is covid-secure according to Government guidelines which includes social distancing.

Can you guarantee they will be safe to use?

We are organizing a programme of deep-cleaning and maintenance prior to reopening any of our centres. Risk assessments will be carried out and any relevant testing, e.g. of the pools, will be carried out following government guidelines. We will only reopen each leisure centre, and each service provided by that centre when we are entirely confident it is safe to do so.

I would like to join a leisure centre as a new member, how do I do this?

We will be able to sign up new members shortly, but don’t worry, we won’t start taking membership fees until the centre you want to visit has reopened. Please visit to find out when each centre reopens, and the specific services within that centre. You can also be added to our mailing list to receive updates. You can subscribe to our newsletters through

What is happening to the committed health initiatives?

Along with our partners, Lampton Leisure will understand any impacts of the closure and explore ways to mitigate any impacts of COVID that may have arisen. Work is underway through Hounslow Council’s COVID-19 Recovery Programme which was reported on in October’s Cabinet meeting.

Where can I get my exercise while leisure centres are closed?

Keeping active can really benefit your physical and mental health, whatever you choose to do. Our community sport, physical activity and health partners are providing a great range of activities both locally and online.

Visit OneYou Hounslow Move More for more information and to help to find an activity that is right for you.

When they reopen will it be the full offer – gym, swimming, sports halls, changing rooms, etc.?

We will provide regular updates on what the offer will be for the leisure centres. However, there we will need to have a phased approach to reopening the centres and their facilities. We will also need to make sure that each area that reopens does so in a way that is COVID-secure according to government guidelines which includes social distancing and reduced numbers of people able to attend at any one time.


Swimming clubs are desperate to restart their training sessions / learn to swim sessions etc – when will we be able to do this?

We will be working with each of the swimming clubs in the borough to make sure they are fully briefed on the situation over the next few weeks, including when the pools can reopen, how many people can be in the pool / changing rooms at any one time and so on. We are planning a phased approach to reopening services, and will keep clubs informed of the latest advice on opening dates.

Schools have now gone back and we need to restart their swimming lessons, clubs etc – when can we book these?

We will be writing to all schools directly when we know when the swim sessions will be able to restart.


What restrictions / guidelines will be in place that I need to follow?

The restrictions and guidelines we will follow with be those that the Government has stipulated to ensure we are COVID-secure, as well as our own risk assessments and policies on health and safety.

Please could you update me on the situation with my hire agreement, or facility booking, and when I can start using the facility again?

The council has endeavoured to contact all of those who have hire agreements to discuss with you your individual requirements and enable you to start using the facilities again as quickly as possible. Hirers should keep up to date by visiting this website. If you have not received any notification or had a discussion please let us know by emailing and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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