Are all your leisure centres now open?

Yes, all centres reopened on the 12th of April 2021, in line with the Government’s roadmap.

What cafes are currently open?

Yes, all the Snackbox cafes are now open (located at Brentford, Hanworth, Heston and Isleworth). 

Snack Box by Lampton has a brand new menu with a great selection of meals, snacks and drinks available for everyone! 

Are the Health Suites open?

Yes, all health suites are open (located at Hanworth, Heston, Isleworth and New Chiswick.

How can I access facilities if I can't use cash

Parent/guardian needs to setup an account for a child at any one of our 5 centres using parent/guardian email address and obtain a membership card
Parent/guardian needs to activate their online account
Once logged in, parent/guardian can top-up account by using one of the 4 monetary amounts available and make a payment online
Cashless payment will be added to the child’s account and used against payment for activities at our centres

*Children under 8 need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Children aged 11 and over can enter one of our 6 sites unsupervised. Membership account holder needs to activate their online account and apply top-up cashless payments as and when required with a minimum of £5. This process is only available via the website or at one of our centres.

Ifyou have any questions or any support on this please feel free to speak to staff on site.

What facilities are available for use?

All gyms, pools, group exercise classes and squash courts are open and running as normal. 

Soft play

Soft play facilities are open at Heston and Brentford. The price per hour is £3.45 per child. Click here to find out more. 

Are changing rooms and lockers available?

Yes, all changing rooms are now open and available for use. Please remember to bring a £1 coin or alternatively a trolley coin for the pool lockers and a padlock for the gym lockers. 

A reminder, we are now cashless and do not have £1 coins available however you can purchase a Lampton Leisure locker token at reception or a padlock from the concession stands.

Customer Information for the Use of Swim Fitness Training Aids, Inflatable Swimming Aids, and Issue of Loaned Equipment

Swim Fitness Sessions (Swim Lanes and Lane Swimming Sessions)

Swimming goggles may be worn during all Swim Fitness programmed lane swimming sessions. 

Swim Fitness training snorkels, hand paddles (roughly the size of the swimmer’s hand or slightly larger,) pull buoys, kickboards and short swim training fins are permitted in swimming lanes or during lane swimming sessions where the risk to other swimmers is reduced as all swimmers are swimming in the same direction. These training aids can also be used in specialist programmed or swimming club sessions under the supervision of an instructor.

For safety reasons customers are encouraged when using swim fitness training aids to swim in the appropriate speed lanes mark ‘Fast’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Slow’ to match your swimming speed helping to avoid potential collisions. Customers are encouraged to swim in the appropriate lane to their swimming ability. Lifeguards will monitor the usage of the dedicated lanes and may ask customers to change lanes if necessary.

Public Swimming Sessions (General Swimming)

Swimming goggles and inflatable armbands may be worn during all general ‘Public Swimming Sessions’. 

The use of facemasks covering the nose is not permitted within ‘Public Swimming’ sessions as there is in increased risk of not recovering from choking / coughing. They can however be used in specialist programmed sessions under the supervision of an instructor.

The use of other personal equipment such as flippers, snorkels, mermaid tails, swim belts, pool training weights, noddles and hand paddles are not permitted within ‘Public Swimming’ sessions as they may represent a danger to users or other swimmers, they can however be used in specialist programmed sessions under the supervision of an instructor.

Loaning of Equipment

Customers can bring and use their own suitable equipment or purchase equipment from reception.

During public pool session we do not loan any equipment classified as a swimming or training aid. During the Swim School session, we provide swimming aids to support the programme delivery. 

The decision to loan equipment should take into account the reason for the request and the circumstances including type of session and number of bathers in the pool. Floatation aids and pool equipment will be loaned to enable reasonable adjustment for our less able users to access and use the pool services under the managers discretion.

Swimming Aid (For Non-Swimmer) – in the training pools and children’s pools, they are always able to use. Or up to 1.4m pool. 

  • Arm bands
  • Arm disc
  • Lifejacket (Babies and toddlers only)
  • Noodle – allowed in general swim only
  • Floats / kickboard – always allowed in the lane sessions during public swim.

Training Aids – only allowed during specific lanes sessions (Slow, Medium & Fast) 

  • Training Fins (Short training fins)
  • Training board
  • Training Snorkels
  • Hand paddles
  • Ankle straps
  • Float / Kickboard
  • Pull buoys


How will you be keeping your members and customers safe while they are in your centres?

Lampton Leisure has implemented a range of measures to ensure everyone feels safe while using our facilities. You will find hand sanitiser stations and safety signage in place to assist you. Our staff have also undertaken increased training in Covid-19 prevention and will be using cleaning kits as often as possible.

How can our customers help Lampton Leisure to remain safe?

When attending a session at your local leisure centre, we ask that you:
• Follow all safety signage and maintain a safe distance between others
• Wipe down all equipment before and after use in the gym
• Most equipment will be available for use that can be cleaned in between use, however please bring your own for the items that can’t e.g. boxing gloves, yoga mats


I would like to join as a new member, how do I do this?

To view our membership types and to join online, simply visit the Memberships section on our website. 

How far in advance can I book my sessions?

If you are a member, you are able to book 7 days in advance. For all pay as you go customers, it is 3 days in advance. 

Does my membership allow me to use all centres?

Our Gold membership allows multi-centre access across West London. With our Silver and Bronze memberships facility use will vary, please check with your Lampton Leisure centre to find out more

I have been notified that Lampton Leisure are making changes to my Direct Debit ?

Lampton Leisure will no longer be outsourcing our direct debit collections to Debit Finance Collections Plc. Lampton Leisure will now be managing all direct debit payments directly. This is to ensure that we are positioned to support our members in the best way possible.
The good news is that you do not need to do anything continue to receive the benefits of your Direct Debit. Please be assured this change will not affect your membership in any way. The only change you will notice is that with effect from 01/07/2022, we will be collecting your Direct Debits instead of Debit Finance Collections Plc, meaning Lampton Leisure will appear on your bank/building society statement. There is no need for you to complete a new Direct Debit Instruction, as details of the change will have been supplied to your bank, who may also notify you, independently. *Additionally, you may also see a comment on your bank statement advising you of the final payment under the old name details and the first payment under the new name/details.
You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the Direct Debit Guarantee, as detailed below. If you have any questions about this change, please call Customer Service on this number: 020 8583 2900.

How do I book my sessions?

All members and pay as you go users can book their sessions at reception or online before arriving at the centre. This can be done online here or through the Lampton Leisure app. Please note, if you haven’t booked with Lampton Leisure before, you may need to reset your account password first:

• If you only have one account, enter your registered email address on the portal, proceed to click forgotten password, create a new password and enter the booking portal.
• If you have multiple accounts, enter your current membership card number on the portal, proceed to click forgotten password, create a new password and enter the booking portal.
• If you have neither a card nor an email address available, please visit the Contact Us page and complete a membership enquiry
form. We will contact you and help you reactivate your account.
• For all non-members who wish to access the bookings portal please create a new account where prompted.

Bookings and Dishonour Chargers

How do I cancel?

  • You can cancel on the App or in your online portal.

How pay do I pay the Dishonour charge?

  • Pay on your next visit, you will not be able to make another booking until you have paid the charge.

How much is the dishonour charge?

  • Fitness class £8
  • Badminton £9.60
  • Squash £11.70
  • Table Tennis £9.60

How to show attended session?

  • Please check-in at reception or Swipe your card at the turnstile within 3 hours of the session start time and no later than 5 minutes after the sessions has begun.

Where do I find out more information?

  • Please refer to our website for our T&Cs on online bookings.

Court Bookings:

If you have a membership, our court bookings are free to book and play! You are also entitled to book any court up to three times a week.

To add a non-member to your court booking requires payment of £3 per person. Please pay at our reception upon arrival for only those who don’t hold a membership.


Are parents/guardians able to stay and watch the lesson?

Yes however please use the designated spectator or seating areas and continue to maintain social distancing from other users. Where spectator space is limited, the use of face coverings is recommended for parents/ guardians.

How do I enrol my children in Swim School?

For more information on our Swim School programme, please click here.

To register your interest, select your preferred centre and leave your details on the contact us page and a member of staff will contact you to discuss your child’s swimming level and requirements.

Do you have adult swimming lessons?

Yes we do, to register your interest please select your preferred centre and leave your details on the contact us page and a member of staff will contact you to discuss your requirements,


What restrictions / guidelines will be in place that I need to follow?

The restrictions and guidelines we will follow with be those that the Government has stipulated to ensure we are COVID-secure, as well as our own risk assessments and policies on health and safety.

How do I go about hiring your facilities?

Please let us know your requirements by contacting us here and we will get back to you to discuss options with you.


How will the new service provision be assured?

Each year, Lampton Group put forward a business plan for each part of its business outlining their priorities over the next year. This is presented to and agreed by Cabinet. Performance on our trading companies is reported to Cabinet on a quarterly basis and their performance against key performance indictors and their financial position is outlined.

Lampton Group Ltd, as a wholly owned company within the public sector, may be subject to FOI in much the same way as the council, with policy established directly by the council.

Who should I contact for further information?

Please head to the Contact Us page on the website to leave an enquiry if you have questions not answered here.

Cancelling Your Membership

  1. How do I cancel my membership?

You contact us via our website and go intocontact us’ and you will find a tab called cancel your membership’ and fill out your details.

Cancelling your direct debit is not constituted to cancel your membership. We will contact you and ask for the payments owed.

If you have an annual membership, this also cannot be cancelled or transferred and are non-refundable; however, you can find this information on our website.

  1. I cannot remember my membership number when I fill out the form, what do I do?

Don’t worry, fill out as much information as possible and your phone number and we will contact you if we have any questions.

  1. What do I do if I don’t have access to the internet?

Visit the site and they will help you to cancel.

  1. I pay for several members linked to my direct debit; what will happen?

All the members will be cancelled which is linked to your direct debit. Note if you have several direct debits for Lampton please make sure you request cancellation for the correct membership/s otherwise, we will continue charging for the other/s.

  1. Do I need to keep proof of cancellation?

Yes, please keep the proof of cancellation, as mistakes can happen, and we might have had an issue and not cancelled your membership and will ask you for proof of cancellation if there is a query.

  1. What are the Terms and conditions for cancellation?

You need to give us one month’s notice, if your direct debit comes out on the 15th of the month, you need to give us notice at the latest by the 15th of the month before, e.g., if you wish to cancel for 15 July, you need to give us written notice by 15 June. If you cancel with us on the 16th of June, your membership will be cancelled 15 Aug.  

  1. Do I need to cancel my direct debit at the bank?

After your last direct debit/payment has been taken out by Lampton Leisure, we recommend you cancel your direct debit.  Lampton Leisure does not cancel direct debits, we just stop requesting the direct debit.

  1. What if I don’t cancel directly and only cancel my direct debit via my bank?

We will contact you and ask you for the payment/s owed.

  1. I am not using the club why do I have to pay?

It is your responsibility to cancel your membership in writing. Explain in your written letter to say you are cancelling, If you want to freeze your membership if you are going on holiday or have a work commitment or for a medical reason, please go to our website and fill out the ‘freeze membership’ tab in the ‘contact us’ form or if you don’t have access to the internet please visit the centre.

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